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The fetishes and dreams known as by 1.0percent of participants are:

The fetishes and dreams known as by 1.0percent of participants are: Lingerie/underwear 38.3percent Submission 35.8percent Bondage 32.8% Domination 28.0percent Part Play 22.9% Voyeurism 21.4per cent Exhibitionism 18.3% Costume perform 11.9% Breath perform 9.1% Sadomasochism 8.6per cent Corporal play 7.1% Leather gear 5.9% Gender play 5.2% Leg 3.0per cent Footwear 1.9% More responses consist of: Age play; Vegans; Incest; Ass play; 8; Tantric; Choking; Group intercourse; Street cleansing; fragrance; Apotemnophilia; Urophilia; Somnophilia; Daddy/Little; Cuckquean; Latex; Spontaneous sex; Pegging; Femdom. Recommendations, tricks and tools. 7 in 10 are utilizing vibrators within the bed room. 1 in 2 are employing handcuffs, tethers, or something like that comparable. Another 1 in 2 are doin’ it with dildos and another 1 in 2 have used a blindfold. Other props participants are employing in sexual play include: feeling ties in, cream, or comparable (41.7%); Costume (27.5%); Crop, flogger, paddle or comparable (22.6%); Hot wax or similar (16.5%); Medical gear (2.6%), in addition to a few dozen write-in responses cock that is mentioning, nipple clamps, a tire jack, chocolate, anal beads, a drilldo, meals, cannabis, q-tips, strap-ons, ice, a snowsuit. Shouldn’t you at the very least purchase me personally supper first? Alright, a number of you are cruising difficult and that is unwell. But other visitors are sitting right right here wondering how a hell most people are orgies that are having they can’t also get...

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